After Designing It Finally Feels Like A Sweet Home

I have felt a tremendous change of mind in the direction of our house over the past few weeks, and that has been quite amazing. My mindset began to change when I finished the living room and hallway, and the music room was so close that it was finished. For the first time since we bought this house in 2013, this house has finally started to feel like home. It is a feeling that almost makes my eyes cry, because it is something that I have not felt for a long time.

Every place Matt and I have lived in for 15 years (starting with the apartment, and now this house) is more like a project to me than a house, and for good reason. Both were projects in which we live locally. And even though our apartment was a very fun project for me, it was never completely finished, so it never really felt like home to me. It was always just a project.

The same goes for this house. For most of the last seven and a half years, I have seen them not as my home, but as my project. There was always a constant presence of tools and paint pots and unfinished projects. There was never a place where I just wanted to sit down and relax, so I was always in project mode. Because of this, I worked constantly, usually until 23: 00 or after, then went to bed and started again the next day.

And then came 2020. Last year made me (and probably millions of other people) realize the importance of family, leisure and home. This year I wanted to make it my goal to finish stubborn projects, remove tools and paint pots and learn how to live and relax with us.

And that definitely happened this year. I started the year by finishing the guest room, then the living room, then the hallway, then the music room.

Add them to the rooms that were already finished before this year, and it is a rather important part of our house that is actually finished, without tools or paint and completely usable.

And although the breakfast room (aka, the living room for now) is not yet ready to my taste (and obviously the new carpet has been lost in transit), it has become the most used room in our house.

Our house. For the first time I say these words and really feel it. It’s with us now. There are actually places where I can sit down and relax. I have my favorite place to sit and read (the living room sofa), and my favorite place to sit and watch a show or work on my laptop (the living room), or my favorite place to take a break during my workday and scroll Instagram for a few minutes (the music room sofa). I actually want to stop working earlier so I have time in the evening to sit down and relax and watch a show.

And I have to say that it’s also pretty amazing to have a house where I can let someone through the front door, and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is no more: “Please excuse the clutter. I have about a thousand projects in progress at the moment.”I no longer feel the need to find excuses for unfinished projects, tools lying around and paint pots stacked in a corner.

Now I can really open the door and just be proud of the house I created. I worked hard for it, and I was never really sure that this place would one day feel like home. I began to get the feeling that it would always and forever be my project. I’m so relieved that we feel at home now. It’s such a good feeling to walk through my own front door and feel like, ” Ahhhhh, I’m home.”I hope you have it too! And if not, I hope that they continue to connect these projects until they do, because there really is no such thing. And we all need them in this crazy world, don’t we?

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