Designing On Music Room From The Top To Down

A few days ago I posted the last before and after the conversion of the music room. But just like the living room, a simple before and after didn’t seem to do justice to the process that this room has gone through over the past seven and a half years.

The music room has not undergone as many changes and stops as the living room. I never really seemed to go into the music room, but I certainly had a lot of changing plans over the years! I had some big projects that I did, and then I changed my mind.

A certain project( the walls of the pony) is still mentioned by readers who do not want to change it to this day. But if you read my blog for a long time, you know how to do it. Do not stick to something too tight, because everything can change at any time until the piece is ready. And even then, nothing is really safe.

This is what the room looked like when we bought the house. Like most of the rest of the house, it had ivory walls, a green carpet, and styrofoam tiles on the ceiling. The room also had sliding glass doors that led to the back room (i.e. the porch that now houses our laundry room, and the rest is used for storage, tools, paints, etc.). The door on the wall on the left is the hallway (which is recently finished again, and you can see it here), and the door on the right leads to the kitchen (which is completed for a while, and you can see it here).

The first thing I did in this room, like the rest of the house, was to tear down the green carpet, carpeting and adhesive strips and put the beautiful oak wood floor that had been hidden and protected under the carpet for years back in order. The floor was in a beautiful condition, and this first time I renewed it with Waterlox alone.

8 September 2014

The room remained intact for about a year while I worked on renovating the kitchen. Then I finally decided that I wanted sliding doors to replace the sliding glass doors with sliding doors with two solid wood doors that I had removed from other areas of the house. While still deciding what to do with the doors, I installed very inexpensive “barn door” hardware consisting of plumbing pipes and rollers on the doors, as the barn door hardware (the nice one) was quite expensive at the time.

24 September 2014

After looking at some other designs, I finally decided on the final design of the sliding doors of the music room. I created the interior panels with 1/4 inch MDF and a jigsaw.

January 2015

I thought I had a plan for the scratched walls of the room with some details in the head of the nail. I loved the General Idea (and I still do), but there were some issues. At first I always tried to find the right neutral. I do not know if this was before the gray delusion or if the gray delusion was already in force and I was still trying to counteract this trend. But I know that this brown neutral tone just didn’t work for me. (I’ve since found my Neutral wall paint-Benjamin Moore Classic Grey.)

But the main problem was that I skipped the gun on any kind of decoration, because the room still had the original drywall, the original polystyrene tile and the original quarter turn, where these two things met. At that time, I always hoped not to dry this room again (I could not), and I always hoped that the drywall on the ceiling hidden by these styrofoam tiles would be in good condition (it was not).

January 2015

Halfway through the striped wall project, I finally realized that it was pretty ridiculous to continue with hours and hours of work without knowing what I was dealing with beyond those ceiling tiles. So I tore them apart to find that they were hiding a large area of the drywall column where there had been a large leak in the roof.

January 2015

That was when I built the pony walls between the entrance and the music room, and it was the second most common project that I after had to cancel (after the bird and butterfly wall on the entrance wall). Can I tell you a secret? I contrition that I canceled this project. I don’t think I’ve ever contrition scrapping and recreating a project other than this one. I know I had a reason to finish them that seemed perfectly logical and reasonable at the time. But they were pretty. And pretty perfect. And in retrospect, I would have liked to leave her alone. Now.

27 April 2015

My father – in-law came to visit and he helped me dismantle all the drywall on the ceiling of the music room (and the entrance and living room) and install new drywall. This should have happened from the beginning, but as I mentioned above, I tried to avoid it. There came a time when this could no longer be avoided, however.

August 2015

Since my piano was stored three hours away and I didn’t know when I could get it, I needed a piano for my music room. I found a beautiful one that was listed for free, and I just had to pay to have to move. After keeping it intact in my music room for a month, I decided to rehabilitate it by stripping and coloring one part and painting other parts. It turned out great, but it didn’t really seem to fit my style. So I painted everything in bright yellow. It didn’t really fit my style either, but it was a little closer. The yellow was too bright, even for my taste.

September 2015

The walls of the music room (as well as the entrance and living room) eventually received new drywall. Our house was built at the time when they put plasterboard (or 1″ x 10″s in this matter) under the drywall. Could you even imagine how much it would cost at that time with the current price and lumber?

November 2015

I know I had a good reason to do this (in my mind at the time), but I decided that I needed to remove the walls and columns of the pony and install French doors as side lights to separate the rooms.

November 2015

At this point, I finally had a vision of how to finish the wall of the sliding door. But that required a much more robust sliding door hardware than the inexpensive option I had previously used. So I removed this material and used real barn door material. It was not the beautiful or chic thing because it would be hidden anyway. It was real hardware that you would use on a real barn door.

December 2015

In November 2015, I started building the libraries that flank the sliding doors. This project took some time, but I completed it in December. I built the libraries so that they stood about four inches from the wall. In this way, the doors could slide into the space between the bookshelves and the wall and act as pocket doors.

December 2015

This project lasted two months, but in December I finally finished the board ceiling of the music room.

January 2016

At the end of January, all major construction projects were completed and I set up the piano. My vision of space at this time began to establish itself.

February 2017

After living with the finished floors with Waterlox for 3.5 years, I decided they were way too orange for my taste. So I sanded and rehabilitated the floors a second time, this time with minwax dye and polyurethane. This color was much more to my liking.

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