Finally Finished Music Room Remodel

The music room is ready! This piece lasted as long as the living room (which I showed you a few days ago), but it has not undergone as many changes over the years as the living room. But it has been” in progress ” for years now, it feels amazing to have finally finished this room.

If you go through the front door of our house, this is the room you see straight ahead.

And if we go back 7.5 years, it would look like the day we were handed the keys to the house…

This room had the same green carpet, old cracked drywall, ivory walls, and polystyrene ceiling tiles as the rest of the house.

And just like the rest of the house, this space has been demolished except for the rivets, ceiling beams and original wooden floor hidden and protected under this green carpet.

This room also received additional attention, such as a stencil wall design, photo frames and chair rail, built-in side lights (unfinished French doors) to separate this room from the living room/entrance, and a wooden slatted ceiling.

And to replace the original glass sliding door on the back of the room, I have a few custom doors (which I made from two original solid wood doors that I removed from other parts of the house) that hang on real barn door trims, and then I built shelves in the front so that the doors act like pocket doors. They look and function like pocket doors, except that they do not open into the space inside the wall, but into the space behind the shelves.

On the left side of the room, the original opening between this room and the hallway was very narrow and had an accordion splitter in the door.

I widened this opening by about 20 inches and removed the cabinets from the hallway directly into the hallway (there was a cabinet on both sides, which made the hallway very narrow and cavernous), so that this whole area now feels much more open and airy.

Unfortunately, I never had a” before ” image on this side of the room showing the opening of the music room to the kitchen…

So you just have to imagine seeing that cabinet wall through that opening. In this photo, the opening of the music room is on the wall to the left of these cabinets. The area you see through the opening to the right of the cabinets is now the pantry.

Obviously, this room was designed by the builder of the house as a dining room. But with someone living in the house and dependent on a wheelchair, using that space as a dining room would never have worked for us.

So I had to find a use for the piece that allowed the piece to be open enough for Matt to easily pass through, while giving the piece a purpose. It seemed like the perfect place to store my piano that had been stored for years. This is the piano that my mother learned to play on when she was a teenager, and this is the piano that I learned to play on when I was young. I always wanted to create a place for it in our house, and it worked perfectly. When I was finally able to get him out of the camp, I completely revamped the piano.

While I love the piano, my favorite thing in this whole room is the sofa. I have struggled with what to put on this wall for years, and had planned to reupholster two chairs that I have in store. But when I found this sofa, I felt like I had struck gold. The color, the fabric — the size-everything was just for this room.

In the end, I have completely renewed the shelves since the last time I showed you the finished and stylish Teal shelves (which were previously white). This is how I originally decorated the shelves…

But all that Brown just wasn’t me. The shelves seemed very rural to me and I wanted to be bright, bold and colorful. So I restored all the books in solid white, then added items that were all in coral, pink, and Orange. A lot of spray paint has gone into this makeover, but these redesigned shelves are now much more my style.

It consists of 6400 round wooden knobs(those pieces of mushroom wood used to fill the screw holes in wooden furniture). Each is painted a different color to form a” pixel”, and 6400″ pixels ” created this flower. The whole thing is covered with about 1/2 ” of resin.

Interestingly, this pixel flower is Matt’s favorite piece of art I’ve ever made. He says it almost every week.

The triptych above the piano is an acrylic painting of different colors. It is also covered with resin, which makes photography very difficult because it is bright and reflective, but it is quite clear vision.

I was so disappointed that I did not take many “before” photos of this piece. In fact, I don’t have a single photo of the original view that looks from the rear sliding door to the front door. Lesson learned. When buying a home you want to renovate, always take many more “before” photos than you think. You’ll love looking back into every corner of the original house and seeing the progress you’ve made.

But between that view looking towards the front door and that view looking out the music room towards the rear glass sliding doors, there is very little question about how the view from those rear glass sliding doors looked at the front door.

This is how this view now presents itself when the music room and the entrance/living room are separated by the side lights, the massive door is replaced by a glass door, and the opening in the hallway is widened.

I think that pretty much covers it! It’s been quite a journey with this space, and I absolutely love having all these main areas of the house ready now. I also like that this small space is loaded with color, detail and personality. I’m certainly not one of the people who thinks you have to play safe in small rooms.

And although I didn’t use my wide angle lens this time, you can see in the photos below how the rooms merge, with the kitchen on the left and the living room fireplace wall on the right.

And while I showed you recently, here’s another look at the view from the hallway to the music room and kitchen.

And here is the view further down the corner in the hallway, which shows the view of the library wall / sliding door to the music room.

And finally, here is the wall of the sofa of the music room and the wall of the front window of the living room.

I think this should give you an idea of how these areas flow together, but once I’m done with the new living room (i.e., breakfast room) and tell how it was, I plan to do a walkthrough for these areas with wide angle views, should clear out any remaining questions about the layout and how it feels to go from room to room.

But for now, I leave you some random photos of the music room…

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