Hallway Decoration Progress

Matt and I eventually moved from our temporary “room” that we had set up in the breakfast room to the guest room. It took a lot longer than I thought, but the madness of 2020 really focused me on home projects. And then, earlier this year, when I finally finished the bedroom, Matt reminded me that we still couldn’t move into the bedroom until I finished the hallway floor.

After finishing the floor in the hallway and giving the polyurethane about a week to harden, we were finally ready to move in. It will take time to get used to. The breakfast room has three large windows, and the room always looks very bright during the day. This is what the play looked like after finishing it a few years ago…

But the room has only one window and is shaded by the giant oak tree in our front garden.

The room is very bright when all the lights are on, but if we only want natural light, (which we both prefer to turn on the lights), this is a very dark room as you use the breakfast room. So it will take a little time to get used to it.

But if not, we really appreciate it. In the end, I had to get rid of the platform bed (although I kept the headboard) in the bedroom because Matt’s occupational therapist suggested we get an adjustable bed, as he spends so much time in bed. (For those of you who are new here, Matt is my husband, and he has MS) I wanted one that has very good customer reviews, but would not break the bank. So we ended up getting this one, and we both really love it.

Anyway, now that the floor is finished and hardened and we have officially moved to the bedroom, I tried to finish the hallway. I reinstalled the coating around the opening of the matter between the hallway and the music room. I still need wood to fill the nail holes, seal the cracks and paint. But it is nice to cut again, and not raw wood and cut edges of drywall.

And I reinstalled the coating around the bathroom doors, although it also needs wood filling, waterproofing and painting.

I also painted the doors. I used Behr Mythic Forest on the doors, it’s the same color on the music room shelves and doors and on the closets.

The hallway is very different than before. It was previously a very large and spacious area with three bedroom doors in addition to the double bathroom doors. Previously, there was enough space between the guest bedroom door (the door to the right of the cabinets) and the wall with the other two bedroom doors to hang artwork on this wall.

But now there is no room for works of art.

But now I have room for things to the right of the gym door, where the master bedroom door once stood.

It is now a much smaller corridor, but it was a huge corridor before, so we had a lot of space. And moving that wall and removing the old door from the master bedroom allowed us to set up this room that will soon become our master bathroom.

I think it will take me a few more days to finish the corridor. I still have to:

  • install the door panel on the other two doors,
  • install crown molding,
  • install Skirting Boards,
  • seal and paint the entire coating and
  • first and paint the walls.

This is a fairly short list for a very small room, so I think it will be ready very soon. And then I can start at the gym at home!! I am very excited to move on to this project, so I feel very motivated to do this project.

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