Hallway, Lighting & Actual Bathroom Wall Mural

Just like every project I take, my work takes longer than expected. I thought I was done with this last week, but even with as much trim installation, wood filling, sanding, sealing and primer as I’ve done in my two decades of DIYing, I’m still surprised how long it takes for each new project.

But I finally have the slow part behind me. All siding is installed, wood filled, sanded, sealed, primed and painted. The last big thing I need to do is paint the light gray strips on the wall and then I’m ready to bring the new console and decorative accents.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the new console in the “new” (much smaller) hallway. But before I can count the hallway as finished, I also have to do some painting work on the doors, install door trims on the doors (door handles on the bathroom doors and door handles for pocket doors).

And finally, I have to do a small project on the cabinets. Our router / Modem is now in the upper right shelf of the hallway cabinet and the socket is in the lower left cabinet. For over a year, I’ve had this really sophisticated and elegant orange extension cord meandering out of the top cabinet, onto the front of the drawers and into the bottom cabinet where it enters.

All I need to do is drill a hole (maybe two) in the cabinet to run the cable up and down through the cabinet. Obviously, this is an extremely complicated project because I have postponed it since autumn 2019.  But it’s time to fix it. It could even take five Minutes.

In other news, I told a few days ago how we have turned our breakfast room into a living room for the time being. After making this change, the chandelier in the breakfast room seemed out of place, so I decided to buy a new light for the bedroom. I chose this Sputnik light.

I like light fixtures that make a statement, and that fits the bill. But when I put it together (yes, you have to screw each of these metal tips one by one), I decided that this light went better with the living room. It’s certainly more of a statement than the one that’s right in it that looks like this.

So I think I will change a small light fixture and put the light in the breakfast room and then put the new light in the living room. Finally, if any of these rooms were to receive bright light, it should be the room you see as you pass through the front door.

Well, if only I can put the thing together. I only have half of it so far.

I ordered the deluxe paper, and it’s a vinyl paper that should fit well in the bathroom. And look at all these beautiful colors!

PhotoWall is located in Sweden, so I expected it would be (at least) a few weeks before you come here, as you edit, crop and print each mural individually to your specifications. But he came here in a few days. I think it has taken five days in total since I ordered it. It’s pretty amazing! And now that I have the mural in hand, I can do the rest of my selection for tiles, paints, etc.

So things are moving well! I finally get to a point where I really feel like my old DIY-loving self. All last year, I felt so unmotivated. And then it’s been really hard to get the momentum back this year. Tinkering is like a muscle (at least for me), and if I don’t train it regularly, it becomes weak. This year has been really difficult for me. But in the last few weeks, I started working at home again.

And I am very excited to soon be able to show you the finished hallway, finished music room and finished living room!! I deferred to show you the music room and the living room because the unfinished hallway was visible in the photos of these two rooms. And after taking so long to finish the music room and the living room, I did not want an unfinished hallway that spoils the images of these other two rooms. So I’m about to show you a whole bunch of new spaces in our house!

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