Home Gym Designing is on the Progress

The only progress I made this week in the home gym was to completely clean the room. It was much more important work than expected. I have commented to clear this room several times this year, only to bring more things after. And obviously, every time I brought more things into the room, it was that kind of thing that had nowhere else in the house. When I took it out this time, I had absolutely no idea where to put it. Most of them can probably be thrown away or given away, but this is a long project for a after date. At present, everything is divided between my small storage studio and the winter garden where it will live until I’m done with the home gym. And since the next project on my list is to finish the Studio, these boxes and stacks of things need to be dealt with at that time.

But at the moment, at least for this project, it is out of the way. And now that all this has been cleared, I can show you exactly what I am working with and what challenges this space poses when I launch this project.

The first challenge was a complete oversight on my side when I had the new drywall installed and ran the new wiring for the lights. I completely forgot to put a light in this long entrance into the room, so this area is very dark.

So maybe I need to run into the Attic and some wiring to that area so I can add another light. It is difficult to say whether it is really necessary, because at the moment the whole room is illuminated by two bulbs. I haven’t installed the recessed fixtures yet (there’s just wiring for six), so the whole room really looks pretty dark.

Another challenge is that this room scuttle hole for Exploration Space under the house, as well as access to the attic. And they are both in this area that was once a closet.

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The original flooring is attached to the cover for the Scuttle hole at the creep room, and I don’t think I can remove it. So I’ll probably have to cut a new piece of plywood to cover the scuttle hole, measure exactly where it’s located from each wall, set it up to install the new floor, and then use my circular saw and Puzzle to cut through the new floor to release the hole cover from crawling. Makes sense? This is one of those projects that I was afraid of and put off. I hope it will be much easier than what I built in my head.

Anyway, the floor in the new entrance was in this room is most often installed, but I am still absent from two rooms to the right where the hallway floor and the floor in this room meets. This is another one of those projects that I was afraid of and postponed.

Behind this piece of foam insulation is the future master bathroom, which is currently completely demolished except for the floor beams, uprights and ceiling beams. So I need to hold the foam insulation plate to keep the hot air from that area as far away from that room as possible. This project was cautioned because of the schedule of our contractor, but it seems that it should interview commentator.

From this long entrance into the room, it is the first wall that you see straight ahead. This is the wall to which the Swedish ladder will go.

I chose this design with the strips in the middle. It was my favorite from the beginning, and I decided to use artificial wood blinds and continue the Design directly on the blinds. I don’t think I’ve used these Faux Wood stores since our first home in Albany, Oregon, where we lived three years after our wedding. I never thought I would reuse them (woven Roman shades have been my favorite window coverings ever since), but after looking at different paint options and imagining what the painted Design would look like once opened (Roman shades, blinds, etc.), I think dummy wooden blinds are the best options, and I feel very confident that I can paint them quite easily.

So I’m going to have three windows that have painted blinds on them-the two side windows, as well as the one that looks to the front garden.

Another challenge will be the electrical panel that is in this room. This area was once a closet hidden behind a closed door, but now it is outside. My Plan right now is to paint directly on it. Since it is metal, I will probably remove the front cover and remove it outside and prime it with an oil-based primer. Then I wear the wall design directly above it.

This area is used to be a wardrobe space for two bedrooms. The right half was the closet for this room, and the left half was a closet for the guest room. I had removed the door in the guest room closet and drywalled on, then had removed the wall between the cabinets, and both sides opened to that room.

I considered having the walls of the cabinet completely removed and making the space a large open rectangle, but I thought again. That way, if we ever want to turn this room into a normal bedroom, the cabinet walls are already there, and I should just build a small divider in the middle of this wide opening and add two sets of double doors. There you go! We have a large poster in this room.

And one last challenge in this room is that I have a rotten floor. I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, and it has gotten worse since we bought the house, but this floorboard in the room literally rots. Everything that affects her has no effect on the boards car from her or on the basement. It’s very foreign.

I noticed it before I bought the house, and I thought maybe it was termite damage. So we inspected the house for termite damage, and there was no indication anywhere else. But it has certainly gotten worse in the last 7.5 years since we’ve been here. There is still no indication of termites, and the fact that the damage to the boundaries of this particular array stops and does not affect anything around it tells me that we are not dealing with mistakes. This is special for this unique floor. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Anyway, I’m not really inclined bench to replace it since this floor will fully maintain the covering of the foam gym floor, but I have to fill it with some chosen. If we want to use the space for something else in the future, I will replace the array at that time.

And then I have this subfloor problem in the cabinet sector. Our house was built around 1948, and plywood was not really widely used at that time (at least not in this area) for basements. Thus, all our original basements are made of 1 “x 10″wood. I’ve gone through many finger holes in the basements over the years, and in fact there are about five finger holes right in that poster area. Those who don’t like me. But this Board also has a large area of about 1.5″ x 10 ” completely canceled. I’m not sure how to handle this because the new 1 inch wood is thicker than this older stuff, thus creating a small ridge on which the two meet. This is not a big problem, but it is a problem I experienced when replacing a few subfloor planks in the kitchen.

Honestly, I can leave it. Being in the cabinet and so close to the wall, I can’t imagine it causing a problem. So I can just put my barrier paper on top, put the new hardwood floor on top and not think about it again. If it was in the middle of the floor in the room, I would care more.

So, this is the room as it comes in right now. It is ready for Priming and Painting, and it will very soon be quite different. As in, Today. And speaking of color, I end this post with hideous images with this beautiful view. I went to Home Depot yesterday afternoon and bought all my beautiful paintings for the striped walls.

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