Living Room Update From The Top To End

Last week I shared many before and after photos of our newly finished living room. I always like a good before and after, but this often does not convey the struggle to move from front to back. And although some rooms on the way from the original to the finished state are quite simple, this does not describe my living room at all. There was nothing simple in the journey from the original to the finish in this room. I took so many winding paths, I had so many unsuccessful attempts and I felt so much frustration along the way.

It literally took me years to find my vision for this piece, and I know many of you can relate to it. So I wanted to take a look back and not only compare the original piece with the end piece, but also take a look at the process along the way. It is a very winding path, and even that is only part of the story. These are just the highlights of years of misorientation, indecision, unsuccessful attempts, all mixed with real progress and necessary steps (such as new drywall and lighting) all the way.

August 2013

This is what the room looked like when we moved in: green carpet, cream walls, mismatched windows (some original, one made of aluminum), old curtains, Styrofoam ceiling tiles and window air conditioning.

September 2013

I removed all the green carpet and redeveloped the parquet floors underneath. This first time I used Waterlox on the floors. Waterlox has its advantages, but the floors have become orange over time.

November 2013

This was the first iteration of the fair. It was a quick fix I called Phase 1, and certainly not meant to be a permanent design. I just wanted to get paint and a chair rail on the walls and bring furniture into the room so that it could be used. But why did I walk with brown walls? It doesn’t look like me at all.

November 2013

I rearranged the furniture. I tried a lot of different furniture arrangements after that, but interestingly, I found myself on this arrangement in the end.

December 2013

I’ve done window treatments for the living room — pleated curtains for the front windows and casual Roman shades for the side windows, which further solidify this color palette that in no way matches my style and taste.

January 2014

I finally had enough of the brown walls (thank God!) and Painted the walls dark teal. While I no longer have dark teal walls in my living room, this color – the mythical Behr forest-is important throughout our house.

February 2014

I built the original version of the fireplace. I couldn’t build the overmantel at that point because the eroom still had the original Styrofoam ceiling tiles, so I didn’t want to build anything that would go up to the ceiling.

April 2015

The polystyrene tiles( and the old drywall) on the ceiling have finally disappeared! With the help of my father-in-law we have all new drywall, as well as new recessed lights.

September 2015

My stepfather came back, and we renewed the walls of the living room. Here is removed with the old drywall and exposed the shiplap under it.

October 2019

I have a new sofa and a new fabric for the curtains. Things finally began to establish themselves. But I tried this furniture arrangement, which I liked in the beginning, but which did not work in the long run.

November 2019

I finished the pink curtains (except for the hem), and I really felt that it was the turning point. After seven years of wrestling and wrestling and incredibly frustrated with this room, these pink curtains seemed to bring necessary clarity for a long time.

May 2021

With a new furniture arrangement, some new furniture and some finishing touches, the room was finally finished.

I was a long and winding road, and I fought more with this piece than with any other piece of my life, but the action was worth it.

If you missed the post before and after (which only focuses on the many photos before and many other photos after, and not much of it in between), you can find it here.

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