Some Nature-Inspired Wall Murals & Wallpaper

Our main bathroom renovation project is getting closer, so I spent some time in the evening preparing my plan for this room. After scouring through hundreds of photos of main bathrooms to refine exactly what I want for this space, I decided that I wanted to start designing our main bathroom by finding a nature-inspired mural or wallpaper to use as a starting point for the rest of the space.

I thought about putting a wonderful mural or wallpaper inspired by nature on the wall of vanity. As a refreshment, this is how the layout of the bathroom will look…

This wall is 12.5 feet wide, 8 feet high, and has a window in the middle. And as you all know, I love nature-inspired designs that specifically include trees, flowers and/or birds. I also like drawings reminiscent of geodes and natural stone, and pretty much anything that looks like watercolor.

So, after searching hundreds of drawings, I reduced my favorites to these fifteen murals and wallpapers. Most come from a specific website, but I have no business relationship with this business. You only have thousands of options, and I love that you can scale and crop your murals to any size you need for your wall. You won’t get this option if you buy murals in places like Overstock and Wayfair.

Anyway, I started with probably 60 options that I had recorded, and I reduced them to those fifteen.

Flowers Peach Flower Wallpaper

This mural has trees, flowers and a watercolor look. In addition, the colors definitely match my style. The only problem is that it’s a one-size option, and it’s just the width I need. I’m not sure I could make this work.

It is the only mural I have taken that is not necessarily inspired by nature, although it somehow reminds me of a geode. But it’s an alcohol color, which is also one of my favorite things.

It’s one of my absolute favorites, but if I’m honest, I don’t know that I had used it in a main bathroom. It reminds me of the wallpaper I have in my studio, and although Matt has repeatedly said that he doesn’t care what the main bathroom looks like, I could push it with this one.

Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

This one was part of my top fifteen because it’s not that feminine, but I would still find my elements inspired by nature, plus there’s also pink blush. But the black background prevents it from ruffles.Wall decoration in the form of a chandelier

I have also added some flowers on a black background in my last fifteen years. These seem a little out of character to me (since I usually like bright flowers and white backgrounds), but I think these black backgrounds could be a good starting point for a good female/male mix in a bathroom. Matt didn’t ask that, and he doesn’t expect it, but I think it could be incredible.

Wall painting Daisies Dreams


And it is the third and final flowers with a black background flowers background tmoody Midnight

And finally, this wallpaper that I had originally considered for the accent wall in the guest room made it my last two weeks for the main bathroom. Again, I love the black background, and I love the colors of the flowers on this one wallpaper.So these are my last fifteen murals and wallpapers I am considering for the main bathroom. And I can’t stress that enough, but Matt really doesn’t care what I do there. We just do not belong to those couples who “design together, decorate together”, and I must say that I love it. Matt every time we move into a new house, Matt gives me the keys and says, ” Have fun! Do what you want!”And the best thing is that he thinks it sincerely.

He always told me,” As long as you didn’t paint the walls pink, ” then he agrees with everything I do. But when I started telling him about this master bathroom, he told me “” Do what you want! If you want pink walls, paint the walls in pink!”(For information, I hadn’t even mentioned the pink walls, and I had never considered them.) And every time I ask him about a wallpaper, mural or other main bathroom design element, he replies, ” Kristi, do you know what I’m going to do there? I will not look at the walls.”

All this to say that if the layout of the room was designed to think of him, and that the design of vanity is built by thinking of accessibility for him, I will also give elements that are special to me, starting with a mural inspired by nature.

But after reducing these options, I also consider using wallpaper (or wallpaper) in another area of the bathroom. I do not like the idea of choosing an amazing design, just to use it on a wall occupied by a long vanity, a window and two large mirrors. So, instead I’m thinking about using it in the tub niche. I think it would look incredible!

Hat I added. Although these flowers are not my favorites (I prefer the ones above), I love that this background is gray and black.

Sparkling Wallpaper Garndner

And then there’s this one. This one has everything to please-trees, flowers, birds, tons of colors and a watercolor-look at the background.

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